Madness Sale Lowest Price

Purchased a deal from us, and found it cheaper elsewhere?


What is Lowest Price Guaranteed?
Purchased a product but found it cheaper elsewhere?
Let us know and you will get 110% back on the difference in Credit!
* Lowest Price Guaranteed only applies to Lowest Price products.

How do I qualify?

Claim must be made within 7 days from the date of purchase
Limited to 1 claim per month with a maximum total of RM1,000
Price comparison are
limited to the following
2 sites
Compared product(s) must be exactly the same as the product(s) bought with Lowest Price Tag (after applying all Presto coupons).
  • Same type, specification, brand, colour, condition, warranty, model year and/or size.
  • New and genuine products only (second-hand/used products are not allowed).
  • Only applicable to the base price found on the product page in Lazada/Shopee (not including further discount at checkout in Lazada/Shopee).
  • Must be in stock and available for purchase during the verification period.

How do I apply?

  • Purchase a Lowest Price product
  • Find a cheaper version of the same product elsewhere
  • Report it to us with a screenshot and link
  • Get 110% of the difference back in Credit!

How do I calculate the difference?

Price Difference(Lowest Price product's price - Competitor price) x 110%


Terms & Conditions


  • The administrator assesses each report according to internal standards.
  • In case of bad transactions prohibited by PrestoMall, the relevant transaction or product may be deleted.
  • The report may require some time before being processed.
  • If you need to report a product that you have not purchased, please use 'Report' function on Product Details Page.