Seller Office
Login to our robust management
system to access a large range of
tools designed for sellers.
Product Listing
List your products individually or in bulk
with our bulk listing function. For the
experienced e-commerce sellers, use
our API listing to maximise efficiency!
Check for Orders
Keep track of your confirmed orders
by heading to Order Management
Completed Order Details
Deliver Products
Pack your products and send them via
your preferred courier services or self
delivery. Then ñ sit tight, update the
product delivery status and provide
your buyers with the tracking number.
Buyer's Purchase Confirmation
Once the order has been completed
ñ buyers are encouraged to click on
"Purchase Confirmation" to acknowledge
that they've received their order.
Receive Settlement
Upon Purchase Confirmation, you will
receive the settlement in your registered
bank account within a maximum of 28 working days!