Muslimah Clothing - Hijabs & Tudungs

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    An integral component of a Muslimah (Muslim woman)’s day-to-day attire, the hijab is essentially a veil to cover the head and chest. The Islamic tradition of maintaining one’s modesty is widely practiced across the globe. Despite it being religious-wear, enterprising women in Malaysia and around the world have found opportunity in making hijabs fashionable.

    The Perks of the Hijab

    • For Malaysian Muslim women, hijabs pair beautifully with the Baju Kurung, Kebaya, and Abaya.
    • Hijabs are often comfortable, light, and easy on the head for day-to-day use.
    • There is a large variety of types and designs and they are widely available across Malaysia.
    • Depending on its type, brand, and quality, hijabs in Malaysia are affordably priced.

    Hijab Types & Features

    The hijab comes in variations of many types, designs, and materials for various purposes. In Malaysia, one would find that the tudung, selendang, scarf, or telekung (used for prayer at the mosque or at home) are amongst the most common types of hijabs. Be it cotton, chiffon, satin, or silk, Muslim women can don hijabs for every occasion. Notable brands in Malaysia include Naelofar, Aidijuma, Cakenis (Keknis), Alhumaira, Fareeda, and more. The many popular types in demand amongst Malay and Muslim women in Malaysia are such as Bawal or Butterfly. Hijabs have also been tailored to being compatible with Muslimah swimsuits.