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    Dry Food Gift Hamper is ideal as a congratulations gift, a 'Well Done!' gift, opening ceremony present, new home gift or 'Thank You' or 'You're appreciated' gift. At PrestoMall, you can easily find and buy the free shipping hampers with great discounts for your family members, good friends, and business partners for every different occasion.

    What are the best hamper ideas for every events and festival?

    • Halal basket hampers for Hari Raya. Let a basket of dry food including dates, butter cookies, Malay traditional cookies with Hari Raya packaging & decoration bring joy to this Muslim Buka Puasa festive season.
    • Prosperity or Ong-some hampers for Chinese New Year. A basket of CNY hampers normally includes bakkwa or dried meat (肉 干), abalone, meat floss, bird’s nest drink, chicken essence, dried mushroom, wild ginseng, superior Yunnan Pu'er Tea, Imported Red Wine, white fungus and many more.
    • Diwali Gifts or Deepavali basket hamper package includes  amchur mango fruits, traditional pineapple teekha, traditional Indian desserts, Indian sweets, nuts baklava, toasted coconut dates, and many more.
    • Great Christmas gift hamper ideas boasts true tradition with fine wine, festive cakes, chocolates, Xmas cookies, gingerbread and so much more.
    • Mooncake or yuebing  (月饼) and Tea set are the best gift box ideas during the Mid Autumn Festival or Lantern festival. The Popular mooncake is durian mooncake, musang king mooncake, lotus paste mooncake, halal mooncake, Teochew mooncake, shanghai mooncake, jelly mooncake, egg yolk mooncake, pandan mooncake.

      The popular mooncake brands in Malaysia includes: 

      • MX 美心 Mooncake
      • RT Pastry Mooncake
      • JMM Mooncake
      • PurpleCane Tea Gift Set and Mooncake
      • Dai Thong Mooncake
      • Di Huang Mooncake
      • Kam Lum Thai Mooncake
      • Yu Ai Mooncake
      • Duria Mooncake
      • HMC Mooncake
      • Baker Cottage Mooncake
      • Casahana Mooncake
      • Yong Seng Mooncake
      • HandMade Shanghai Moon Cake, etc...