Seller Zone Facilities Introduction

Seller Zone fosters educational environment by providing sellers with professional education, studios, seminar rooms

At PrestoMall Seller Zone, we're committed in providing a comfortable, fun & engaging environment for all our sellers.

Some of the available facilities in Seller Zone:

  • Comfortable Meeting Rooms

    We have 3 meeting rooms that can fit up to 6 pax in each room. Get free consultancy from our friendly PrestoMall team members here on your eCommerce business.

  • Cafeteria

    We have a cafeteria area where you can chill & relax. Free WIFI is available so you can enjoy a cup of coffee while still being in touch with your business.

  • Comfortable Meeting Rooms

    We have 1 product photo studio & 1 fashion studio that you can book in advance to shoot your products. Both studios are fully equipped with the latest cameras & lighting equipments. We'll also have a professional photographer on stand-by to provide you guidance & help.

  • Seminar Rooms

    We have 2 training/seminar rooms that can fit up to 100 pax when combined. We'll conduct regular free classes to teach you how to start selling on PrestoMall & how to increase sales. There will be plenty of tips & knowledge to help you improve your online business.