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Samurai Upgraded Ak2 K2 Phenomenal King by CCI (20 sachets/Box) Halal

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Samurai Upgraded Ak2 K2 Phenomenal King by CCI (20 sachets/Box) Halal

Improve Energy Level
Boost your life regain glory

Boost male sex function
Improve nocturnal enuresis
Enhance strength and stamina
Strong stomach & liver protection
Lower blood pressure & cholesterol

The modern man is threatened by deteriorating environment polluted air and depleted water source, pesticides and chemicals and added to that are a life in the fast lane, stress, entertainment, late nights, computers and mobile phones which damage the liver and the male prostate gland.

But a man has to do whatever he can to support his family and carve a desirable career.
With this sort of ravages day-in-day-out, even Superman will fall, let alone men. With increasing age, the prostate gland will naturally age and give rise to problems, just like the hair turning grey and the face mapped with more wrinkles over time. People need to learn to get accustomed to these problems gradually, living in peace with diseases that accompany old age.

World Health Organization
According to WHO surveys, there are 152,990,000 men in the world having prostate problems and erectile dysfunction. According to a report by the Malaysian Ministry of Health, 69% of Malaysian men above 30 suffer from decline in sexual prowess, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. What is more alarming is the fact that the problem is catching up with younger generations.

Common Early Symptoms of Prostatitis
Regardless of the time of the day, prostatitis patients suffer from polyuria—more than 3-4 times of urination during daytime—a condition characterised by shorter and shorter voiding interval and urgency.

Poor Urination
Prostatitis patients have to wait for urine to come slowly. The stream is thin, the voiding is weak, and the range is short. Dripping is common. These early symptoms of prostate hyperplasia need to be attended to.

Nocturnal Incontinence
Involuntary urination may occur during sleep and in serious cases, incontinence may even occur during daytime.

Decline in sexual prowess
This problem, besides affecting the quality and quantity of married life, may lead to impotence and premature ejaculation in serious cases.

Interrupted Urination
One of the early symptoms of prostatitis is the formation of urinary bladder stones which interrupt urination. It is a strong warning signal of prostatitis for the elderly, and medical intervention is essential.

Hazards of Prostatitis
Prostatitis frequently gives rise to neurasthenia, long term anxiety, depression and the fear of decline in sexual function which in turn induces inferiority complex and humiliation. With the tremendous mount of stress and sexual dysfunction, prostatitis patients are more susceptible to compromised function of organ systems. End result—affectation of work functions and impotence.

1. Sexual dysfunction deteriorating to impotence and premature ejaculation
When this long term problem is not given medical treatment, various symptoms and discomforts arise from sexual intercourses and might have a direct impact on the patient’s sexual life, forming a vicious cycle that erupts into aversion towards sex, impotence, premature ejaculation etc.

2. Agony affecting life and work
Prostatitis tends to cause a series of symptoms such as pain in the lumbosacral area, perineum and testicles as well as incomplete voiding and nocturnal enuresis etc, making the patient extremely anxious, thereby affecting his life and work.

3. Influence on procreation
4. Leading to chronic nephritis and eventually uraemia
5. Causing hormonal imbalance and mental disorders
6. Infecting the spouse and inducing gynaecological inflammation
7. Susceptibility to tumour
8. Susceptibility to infections

Comples formula for Redoubled Efficacy

Main Ingrediant

Soy Oligopeptide
Antioxidants, delaying aging
lower blood cholesterol
Suppress blood sugar rise
Improve immune function
Promotes calcium absorption
Suppressing fat deposition
Suppress blood pressure rise

Sea Coconut
Cleaning and relieving cough
Nourishing the lungs
Excellent physique
Enhance male sexual ability
Strengthen kidney function

Delay skin aging
Antibacterial & anti-inflammatory
Anti-cancer tumor
Prevention of stroke
Improve immune function

Butea Superba
Promote blood circulation
Prevent memory loss
Increase the sensitivity of sexual function
Replenish physical strength and delay aging
Improve sexual ability
Enhance skin moisturizing and water retention

Red Ginseng
Preventing high blood pressure
Prevent arteriosclerosis
Strong heart
Enhance brain function
Radiation protection

Increase male sexual ability
Improve constipation
Treatment of male premature ejaculation
Nourishing the prostate
Treatment of female postmenstrual syndrome
Delaying menopause

Pine Pollen
Strong stomach & liver protection
Protecting the cardiovascular system
Strengthening metabolism
Delaying aging
Improve immune function
Eliminate free radicals
Enhance physical strength

Run the bowel
Prevention of colorectal cancer
Improve immune function
Help growth and development
Promote intestinal health

Milk Thistle
Protect liver cells
Prevention of various types of hepatitis
Promote liver cell regeneration
Help liver detoxification
Prevention of bile duct stones

Cynomonium Songaricum
Eliminate menstrual pain, infertility
Improve nocturia, frequent urination
Premature ejaculation, infertility
Prevent and improve prostate enlargement
lower blood sugar, asthma
Enhance male sexual ability

Prevention and dissolution of thrombus
Lowering blood pressure
Prevention of Alzheimer's Disease
Lowering cholesterol
Prevention of myocardial infarction

Sky Fruit
lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar
Protecting Liver and Kidney
Promote liver and kidney detoxification
Conditioning the endocrine system
Enhance physical strength and eliminate fatigue
Activated cells, Zhuangyang Yijing
Delaying aging

Preventing the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases
Lower blood pressure, protect blood vessels
Eliminate free radicals in the body
Activate cells to purify blood
Decompose waste and heavy metals in the blood
Preventing cancer
Lowering cholesterol

Reduce cholesterol in human blood & prevent arteriosclerosis
Increase blood vessel elasticity and lower blood pressure
Eliminate deposits on the walls of blood vessels and reduce blood viscosity
Prevention and treatment of cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral infarction
Prevention of Alzheimer's Disease
Promoting blood circulation and relieving pain
Preventing coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, and hyperlipidemia

Product Assurance

Serving suggestion: 
Pour the powder top of the tongue and let it be dissolve and absorb.
If you find no suitable with the above method, you may mix the powder with water.
(Take 1 sachet before breakfast)

激情动力 , 随心所意!








Sino-Germany Collaboration Biotechnology

1. 健胃保肝
2. 降低胆固醇、血压、糖尿病
3. 改善脑部血液循环
4. 预防心脑血管疾病
5. 畅通心血管
6. 降低血浓度
7. 清除血管废物
8. 软化血管
9. 预防中风
10. 补充精力 消除疲劳
11. 改善夜尿、尿失禁
12. 小便无力、小便断断续续
13. 增强男性性能力和耐力
14. 平衡内分泌系统

主要成份 14种 顶级天然原料:

1)红葛根 Butea Superba
~ 促进血液循环
~ 预防记忆力衰退
~ 增加性机能的敏感度
~ 补充体力,延缓衰老
~ 提高性能力
~ 增强皮肤保湿锁水功能

2)锁阳 Cynomonium Songaricum
~ 消除经痛,不孕
~ 改善夜尿,频尿
~ 早泄,不育
~ 预防和改善前列腺肿大
~ 降低血糖,哮喘
~ 增强男性性能力

3)水飞蓟 Milk Thistle
~ 保护肝细胞
~ 预防各型肝炎
~ 促进肝细胞再生
~ 帮助肝脏解毒
~ 预防胆管结石

4)海椰 Sea Coconut
~ 清热止咳
~ 滋阴润肺
~ 精壮体
~ 补肾,抗阳痿

5)寡糖 Oligosaccharides
~ 润肠通便
~ 预防大肠癌
~ 提升免疫功能
~ 帮助生长发育
~ 促进肠道健康

6)大豆胜肽 Soy Oligopeptide
~ 抑制血压上升
~ 降低血中胆固醇
~ 抗血栓,预防心脑血管疾病
~ 抑制血糖上升
~ 促进钙的吸收
~ 提升免疫机能
~ 抗氧化剂
~ 延缓衰老
~ 抑制脂肪沉积

7)山竹 Mangosteen
~ 延缓皮肤老化
~ 抗菌消炎
~ 抗癌肿瘤
~ 预防中风
~ 提升免疫功能

8)向天果 Sky Fruit
~ 降血压 ,胆固醇,血糖
~ 保护肝肾
~ 促进肝肾解毒功能
~ 调理内分泌系统
~ 增强体力 消除疲劳
~ 活化细胞 壮阳益精
~ 延缓老化

9)达米阿那 Damiana
~ 增加男性性能力
~ 改善便秘
~ 治疗男性早洩
~ 滋补前列腺
~ 冶疗女性经症后群
~ 延缓更年期

~ 预防心脑血管疾病发生的几率
~ 抗心律不整
~ 降低血压 保护血管
~ 消除体内自由基
~ 活化细胞 凈化血液
~ 分解血液中废物和重金属
~ 预防癌症
~ 降胆固醇

11)纳豆 Nattokinase
~ 预防及溶解血栓
~ 降血压
~ 预防老年痴呆症
~ 降胆固醇
~ 预防心肌梗塞
~ 抗氧化剂

12)松花粉 Pine Pollen
~ 健胃保肝
~ 保护心血管
~ 強化新陈代谢
~ 延缓衰老
~ 提高免疫功能
~ 消除自由基
~ 增强体力

13)高丽参 Red Ginseng
~ 预防高血压
~ 防止动脉硬化
~ 強心补气
~ 安神补脑
~ 防辐射
~ 抗疲劳

14)银杏 Ginkgo
~ 降低人体血液中胆固醇,防止动脉硬化
~ 增加血管通弹性而降低血压
~ 消除血管壁上的沉积,降低血液粘稠度
~ 预防和治疗脑出血和脑梗塞
~ 老年性痴呆症
~ 活血化瘀、止痛
~ 预防冠心病、心绞痛、高血脂

男女皆可服用 (男性为主)
- 适用于12-80岁
- 为了安全起见,儿童,洗肾者,孕妇及哺乳期妇女忌用。
每日早餐前服用 1包
吃法1: 把1包 直接倒入口里配用一杯请水/果汁
吃法2: 把1包 倒入清水/果汁中饮用

好转反应  饮用后的生理反应及处理方式列表提供参考:
1 轻度好转反应~
包括:睡意,倦怠,肩颈僵硬,腹泻(软便一天排几次,好转反应的腹泻不 伴随着腹痛) ,轻微的痒,多放屁等。
2 严重好转反应~
出现:头痛头晕,发烧,长疮,湿疹,关节痛,血糖升高,血压上升,气 喘呕吐,食欲不振等症状。
1. 酸性体质 ~ 喉干舌燥,倦怠、全身酸软无力感,频尿、屁多。
2. 高尿酸者 ~ 全身酸痛甚至水肿,依症状程度反应不同,间歇食用。
3. 皮肤过敏 ~ 初期皮肤发痒加剧,逐渐减缓,可间歇食用。
4. 神经失调 ~ 自律神经亢进兴奋导致失眠,晚上不宜食用。
5. 高血压 ~ 头昏脑胀的感觉,肩颈僵硬,现象持续1个星期。
6. 贫血者 ~ 会有轻微头痛头晕现象(伴随女性月经期间)。
7. 胃不好 ~ 胸口发闷,胃发热的感觉,食欲较差,想呕吐。
8. 肠不好 ~ 有泻肚子或粪便黝黑现象,因人而异。
9. 肝不好 ~ 想呕吐,眼红怕光,皮肤会痒或出现红疹,多喝水。
10. 肝硬化 ~ 大便时偶尔会有血丝血块,忌煎炸油腻食物。
11. 肾脏病 ~ 可能有尿蛋白,脸部或脚部会有水肿现象。
12. 糖尿病 ~ 血糖不稳定或高或低,偶尔脚部会有水肿现象。
13. 青春豆 ~ 初期会稍微增加,排毒现象,很快就会消失。
14. 痔疮者 ~ 大便偶尔会出血或血丝。
15. 气管炎 ~ 会有口干,咳嗽气喘,呕吐,头晕,因人而异。
16. 肺不好 ~ 咳嗽加剧,痰多稠黄。
17. 鼻窦炎 ~ 鼻塞、鼻涕增加浓稠。
18. 风湿痛 ~ 患部会有轻微酸痛,数天后即消失。
1). Samurai 是天然食品吗?
Samurai 是纯天然健康食品,由天然植物配合而成。补充肝脏细胞的营养,促进细胞再生、物质代谢,改善精力及消除疲劳。
2). Samurai 对人体的安全性如何?
食用AK-II是安全的,因为Samurai 是采用纯天然植物萃取配合而成,是食品,不是药物。
3). 饮用Samurai 有哪些良性反应?
由于促进肝细胞再生能力,血液循环及男性前列腺问题。人体会变得精力充沛,提高人体的爆 发力与耐力,适合运动爱好者及有效增加房事素质。
4). Samurai 有哪些人不宜饮用?
Samurai 的安全度非常高,但为了安全起见,儿童,洗肾者,孕妇及哺乳期妇女忌用。
5). 饮用 Samurai 多久才可见效?
一般人在饮用Samurai 后,2 – 5天内都能有很好的效果,增加体力、精力和耐力,能让夫妻生活更加美满。
6). Samurai 可以长期饮用吗?
可以,因为Samurai 是食品,不是药物,长期饮用可以让肝脏细胞活化,精力充沛、不容易疲倦。
7). 饮用Samurai 会有依赖性吗?
8). Samurai 可以和其它产品饮用吗?
9). 如何饮用Samurai ?
10). 女性可以饮用Samurai 吗?
可以,Samurai 是肝脏的全方位营养补充品,有效改善身体机能,活化肝脏细胞及消除疲劳。
11). 饮用Samurai 能喝酒吗?
12). 为何饮用了Samurai 会腰背酸痛甚至有头晕的现象?
Samurai 是肝脏细胞的全方位营养素。很快有效增强代谢功能,血液循环及排毒功能,以便身体能更充足地获取营养及能量。此过程会引起多数人的身体患处有种种瞑眩反应如腰背酸痛、头痛、头昏现象。但这种现象属于短暂的好转反应,放心的饮用,通常在一个星期内会消失。
13). 糖尿病患者是否能饮用Samurai?
可以, Samurai 的糖份是寡糖,不容易被人体吸收,有效改善肠道健康及预防大肠癌。
14). Samurai 为什么效果那么快?
Samurai 是采用德国科技,放在舌下很快就被人体吸收,不会受到胃酸的破坏。方便随身携带,是您随时随地补充精力的好伙伴。





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