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[Seller] [Registration] How much is the registration fee?
There will be no registration fee to become a Seller in PrestoMall. However, a certain amount of the transaction fee will be charged on every successful product sold from your store. The charges will be varied based on the product categories. 

[Seller][Product Registration] What is Seller Office?
Seller Office is an online sales management tool for PrestoMall sellers. Sellers able to manage their end-to-end online services which included product registration, shipping, claim, settlement and order management and so on in Seller Office.
[Buyer] [Registration] How can I become a member?

 You can follow the below simple steps to become a PrestoMall member.



Step 1 : Click on “Sign up” button at the top right of the page in PrestoMall Homepage


      Step 2 : Click on “Sign Up” as buyer


Step 3 : Fill in the required details and click on “Next”. 

Step 4 : Start shopping with us.



For more information, please email our Customer Support at [email protected].

[Seller] [Registration] How do I become a seller on PrestoMall?
Step 1  Click on "Sign Up"

Step 2 Choose on the seller type that you wanted to be (Business Seller or Global Seller)




Step 3 : Fill in and submit the required document

Step 4 : Complete the email authentication. You can locate it in the inbox of your registered email.

Step 5 : Allow 7 working days for the verification and approval of your submitted documents and information

[Seller][Product Registration] What is Seller Grade and how does it work?
Seller Grade is a grading system that encourages PrestoMall sellers to manage their customer satisfaction and improve the service quality levels. The Grade is calculated on the first day of every month and is determined based on sales rating amount of the previous 3 months.
[Buyer] [Registration] Is there an age limit to sign up as a member on PrestoMall?

No. There is no age limitation to become a member of PrestoMall. However, for those who are aged below 21 will get limited access to certain content and products.


For more information, please email our Customer Support at [email protected]

[Buyer] [Registration] Do I have to pay to become a member on PrestoMall?

No, it is free to become a member of PrestoMall.

If you are yet to sign up with us, you may join us now and enjoy the various discounts and benefits provided by PrestoMall.

For more information, please email our Customer Support at [email protected]

[Seller][Product Registration] What are the benefits for each grade than I achieved?
For Sellers who belongs to Grade 1 and 2, a “Power Seller” icon will be displayed next to their product listing as well as in their product details page.

Besides, for sellers that ranked under Grade 1, 2 and 3, they will also receive extra Seller points.
[Seller][Product Registration] How can I accumulate my seller score and get upgraded?
Seller score can be accumulated if seller provide a good customer service for buyers. For example, delivery product on time, provide valid tracking number of parcel and so on.

Your seller grade will be upgraded/ downgraded based on the seller score that you have earned for the previous 3 months.

[Buyer] [Registration] [Migration to OnePresto] How do I migrate my current PrestoMall account/Presto account to OnePresto?

 Follow the simple steps to migrate to OnePresto.

Step 1: Login using your current PrestoMall/Presto account.





If you are using facebook to login previously, kindly login via facebook.

There is no Login via Facebook if you are trying to login your account in Presto App. Kindly proceed to click the forgot password using your Facebook email, you should receive a temporary password email sent to your mailbox and you can proceed login with your facebook email and the new password received to continue your migration process.

Step 2: You will prompt with the migration information screen and click ‘Got it, Next” to proceed to migration screen.


Step 3: Fill in all details required and click “Confirm” to migrate.

For PrestoMall account user: Email is not editable, mobile number is editable if your account is currently not bound to a Presto account.

For Presto account user: Mobile phone number is not editable, email is editable if your account is currently not bound to a PrestoMall account. 

[Buyer] [Registration] [Complete Your Profile] I tried to play a game, but it prompts me to complete my profile, what do I do?
You have to complete your profile by adding your mobile number in Presto App. Just
follow the steps to add your mobile number in your profile:

Step 1: Install Presto app from store


Step 2: Launch Presto app and Login with your PrestoMall account

If PrestoMall account is not migrated to Presto, please proceed to migration upon login. Please check the migration FAQ on how to migrate PrestoMall account to Presto.

Step 3: Go to “Account” from bottom navigation bar and click “Settings”


Step 4: From settings screen, click “Mobile Number”. A dialog box will prompt to complete your profile. Select “Complete Now” button

Step 5: Select the country code and input your mobile number to confirm 

Step 6: Input the OTP sent to your mobile number and click “Confirm” to verify your mobile number


Step 7: You have successfully completed your Profile! You can now proceed to play and enjoy the game in PrestoMall!




[Buyer] [Registration] [Migration to OnePresto] I noticed I can now login via Email / Mobile, however when I try to login using my PrestoMall mobile, it prompts me my account not found. Why?
You can only login using Mobile if you have migrated to Presto. If you are an existing PrestoMall user who has yet to perform the migration to Presto, please continue logging in using your Email and complete the migration.