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[Buyer] [Payment] [Credit/Debit Card] How can I pay with Credit Card?
At the checkout page, 
a. Please select 'Credit / Debit Card'
b. Fill in with your card details
c. You may choose to save your card details for future payments
d. Then click 'Proceed to Payment'


Then you will be redirected to bank's page where you will need to key in OTP or TAC number.

[Buyer] [Membership Benefits] [Credit] What is Credit?

Credit is an alternative payment method that can be used for purchasing at PrestoMall.

You can use the credit which directly issue during birthday month. 

For more information, please email our Customer Support at [email protected]

[Buyer] [Refund] [Credit] How long does Credit Refund take?
Your refund in Credit is immediate. You can check your Credit refund history in My Page > My Benefits > Credit.


[Buyer] [Payment] [Credit] Can I pay using my Credit?
Yes, you can pay fully or partially with your Credit, or with the combination of other payment methods.
You are advised to check your available Credit balance, then decide how much you would like to utilize for the payment. 'Use All' function is available for your convenience, or you can write specific amount you want to use.



[Buyer] [Membership Benefits] [Credit] Does Credit have validity period?
Yes, Credits have its validity period. You can check on the validity period of your earned in My Page > My Benefits > Credit.



Once your Credits are expired, you are not allowed to use it anymore. So, please check on the validity period and utilize it to avoid the credit from forfeiting.


For more information, please email our Customer Support at [email protected]
[Buyer] [Payment] [Credit/Debit Card] Is there a minimum / maximum amount I can pay with Credit/Debit Card?
Yes. The minimum amount you can pay with Credit/Debit Card is RM 1, and the maximum amount limit per transaction is subject to individual bank setting.
[Buyer] [Refund] [Credit] I paid with my Credit. Can it be refunded in cash?
Unfortunately, any payment made with Credit can only be refunded in Credit.

[Buyer] [Payment] [Credit/Debit Card] Can I use Credit/Debit Card together with other payment options?
You can use Credit & Bcard points together with other payment methods.
However, paying with more than 1 main payment method is not allowed.
[Buyer] [Membership Benefits] [Credit] Where can I check my Credit balance?

You can go to My Page > My Benefits > Credit to check your credit balance as well as history of credit usage and accumulation.




For more information, please email our Customer Support at [email protected]

[Buyer] [Refund] [Credit] I accidentally chose Credit as a Refund Method. Can I change the Refund Method?
Unfortunately, once you have selected your preferred Refund Method upon Cancellation Request / Refund Request, you are not allowed to choose another Refund Method.
[Buyer][Membership Benefits][Credit] Can I exchange Credit to cash?

Unfortunately, PrestoMall Credit is not cashable. However, on PrestoMall, credit can be used as cash with 1:1 value (1 credit = RM 1). For more information, please email our Customer Support at [email protected]

[Buyer] [Payment] [Credit/Debit Card] Can I use international cards?
We accept credit cards that were issued outside Malaysia, but it is limited to the following countries only, such as  South Korea, China, India and Singapore.
[Buyer] [Payment] [Credit/Debit Card] How can I pay with Installment?

Installment plans are available if your final payable amount is RM 500 and above.

The maximum 6 & 12 months installment plan for Maybank is set at RM10K and 24 months is set at RM20K.

The maximum 6, 12, 24 & 36 months installment for Public Bank are set at RM50K.

EPP 24 & 36 months are eligible to selected products only if the seller join the EPP 24 & 36 months.

      Please note that 6 & 12 months installment plan is currently unavailable.

Step 1. On the payment page (check out page), choose Credit/Debit Card then select 'Easy Payment Plan'.


Step 2. Select your Bank/Credit card type. Maybank (Visa/Master/Amex) and Public Bank Installment plans are available.

Step 3. Select monthly plans you would like to go with. Different banks provide different monthly plans.



[Buyer] [Payment] [Credit/Debit Card] Can I pay installment with my debit card?
Unfortunately, Debit Cards are not eligible for installment plans. 
Banks only accept Credit Card payments for installment. 

[Buyer] [Refund] [Credit/Debit Card] I paid with my card. Can I refund in cash?
Unfortunately, Credit Card / Debit Card payment can only be cancelled or refunded in Credit. Cash refund for card payment is not possible.

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