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[Buyer] [Payment] [Boost] Is there minimum and maximum amount for Boost?
Yes, there is.
The minimum payment amount allowed for Boost is RM 1, and the maximum is limited up to RM 1,500.
Please note that the amount limitation may vary depending on your Boost wallet type & its remaining balance.
Do make sure to check your account details on Boost App before proceeding to make a payment on PrestoMall to avoid failed transaction.

[Buyer] [Payment] [Boost] How do I pay with Boost?
When you at the checkout page, you may choose Mobile Wallet > Boost then click 'Proceed to Payment'.
You can pay with Boost QR code using Boost Mobile App scanner, or you can choose 'Sign-in to Pay' option. 

Please note that if you are paying via PrestoMall Mobile App or web, you can only pay using 'Sign-in to Pay' option.   

[Buyer] [Payment] [Boost] Can I pay with Boost QR code on mobile?
Unfortunately, you can only scan the QR code via Boost App on PC (desktop) PrestoMall.
If you are using the PrestoMall Mobile App, your only option is to pay with 'Sign-in to Pay' option.


[Buyer] [Refund] [Boost] Can I get a refund back to my Boost account?
When the payment is made via Boost, the only refund option is Credit.
You may check your Credit history in My Page > My Benefits > Credit.
The validity period of the Credit you received from Boost payment is 1 year (365 days).


[Buyer] [Refund] [Boost] Seller cancelled my order, but I have not received my Boost credit.
When the payment is made via Boost, the only refund option is Credit.
Upon seller cancellation, your refund will take place immediately. 
[Buyer] [Payment] [Boost] My payment failed. Can I try again?
If your payment failed and want to make a repayment, you can do so in My Page > View Orders/Shipping.
You may click the 'Pay Now' button if your payment was unsuccessful. 
Please bear in mind that the repayment needs to be made before 3AM the next day stated in your My Page (refer to below image); otherwise, the order will be automatically cancelled.