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    Coffee, The Best Way to Start Your Day!

    Ever wonder why you can’t get enough of coffee dose? Well we don’t have the answer but we do have ultimate deals for types of coffee to match your taste buds. 

    Malaysian have a delicate local taste buds when come to coffee tasting. From a wide range of coffee types of brewed coffee like cold brew, espresso, americano, caffe latte, cappuccino to quick coffee grab such as Instant coffee. Don’t miss out the local’s favourite 3 in 1 coffee where everything is prepared in a single package. In this modern days, where technology is getting advanced, we could see coffee drinks is also upgraded to a wide variety of flavours such as Hazelnut flavour coffee, Durian coffee, Brown sugar flavour coffee, Gula Melaka flavour coffee and etc.

    While some of us prefer White Coffee, while elderly is used to the taste of Kopi-O. 

    If you are a coffee lover, you could explore on variety of coffee beans available such as Arabica, Robusta and Liberica or even more richer coffee bean like Luwak coffee.

    Locals also preferred on the brands of coffee. There is variety of brands for coffee lovers such as Nescafe, Davidoff, Essenso, Super coffee, Aik Cheong, Ah Huat coffee, Ipoh white coffee and many more to be discovered.