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    Why is DHA important for babies?

    DHA is naturally found in breast milk and supports normal brain and eye development, helping your baby achieve developmental milestones like smiling, crawling, walking and grasping. 

    DHA is important because it supports the rapid growth of your baby’s brain

    “Research shows that DHA is needed in high levels in the brain and eyes to support normal development,” says Alberta paediatrician Dr. Peter Nieman.

    “Mothers need to be aware of the importance of including DHA in their diet during pregnancy and following birth, ensuring their infants are getting beneficial amounts of this important nutrient through breast milk. If a woman is not breastfeeding her baby, she should choose an infant formula that contains DHA.”

    Checkout the popular brands of baby milk formula in PrestoMall:

    • Enfagrow A+, 
    • Enfalac, 
    • Friso, 
    • Anmum, 
    • Dumex Dugro, 
    • Isomil, 
    • Morinaga, 
    • PediaSure, 
    • Similac, 
    • Sustagen and more.

    Probiotics in Infant Formula

    • Probiotics, mostly come from 2 groups:
      1. Lactobacillus
      2. Bifidobacterium
    • Probiotics or prebiotics added to infant formula and other foods marketed for use in children do not appear to be harmful to healthy infants and children. – American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).
    • Studies show that probiotics are not only safe, but very effective in reducing daily crying time, spit up, and constipation during the first three months of life. Still, it is very important to talk to your pediatrician before giving baby anything but breast milk.

    Which Formula Is Best for Bottle-Feeding?

    "All babies will start off on milk-based formula," Gellner says. "If the baby has a lot of eczema and it's really problematic, then we'll try switching them to a formula made with hydrolyzed proteins."

    Hydrolyzed means that the milk proteins are already broken down to make them easier to digest, specially made for children who cannot take cow’s milk and soya, so they're less likely to trigger an allergic reaction.

    Recommended Brands for Hypoallergenic & Allergenic Infant in PrestoMall:

    • Similac Alimentum, 
    • Enfamil Nutramigen, 
    • Elecare, 
    • Neocate.

    Is it OK to give babies soy milk?

    Soy formulas contain a protein (soy) and carbohydrate (either glucose or sucrose) different from milk-based formulas. They are sometimes recommended for babies unable to digest lactose or vegan babies. 

    For some babies, switching to a soy formula won't entirely ease milk allergies. In other words, the risk of having an allergy to soy may be greater if your infant has a milk allergy. 

    There are 2 types of dairy intolerance, i.e. milk sugar (lactose) intolerance occurs when your baby cannot digest naturally occurring sugars in cow's milk and Cow’s Milk Protein Intolerance (CMPI). It's important to distinguish lactose intolerance from milk allergies, as the two conditions are not the same. This can cause extreme irritability and gastrointestinal side effects such as diarrhea. Soy formulas are primarily recommended for babies with lactose intolerance more than any other medical reason.

    Try out the following soy milk for toddler in PrestoMall:

    1. Isomil Plus Soy Milk 400g (above 1 years old).
    2. Enfagrow Toddler Transitions Soy Formula - Milk & Lactose Free.
    3. Biogreen O'Soy Plus Organic Low Sugar Soya Milk Powder

    Lactose Free or Low Lactose Formulas

    For fussy babies that suffer from colic and possibly a mild lactose intolerance, there are several brands of lactose-free formulas that have had all the milk sugar removed and replaced with a vegetable sugar (such as corn syrup).

    The formulas below are made from cow's milk with lactose removed. Here is a list of widely available low lactose or lactose-free formulas:

    1. Earth's Best Low Lactose Organic Formula
    2. Baby's Only Organic LactoRelief Formula
    3. Similac Pro-sensitive Non-GMO
    4. *Enfamil Nutramigen with Enflora LGG Hypoallergenic Infant Formula

    *Enfamil Nutramigen is marketed as lactose free which it is. It is also hydrolyzed (the milk proteins are broken to make them easier to digest) so you'll see this brand in the hydrolyzed formulas section.